torstai 14. maaliskuuta 2013

Helsinki Zen Center practitioners are preparing a group lawsuit against the writers of this blog. The charges in preparation are offending the personal privacy, libel and hate crime.

Helsinki Zen Center's sanghaleader and Zenbuddistiska samfundets chairman Ari Tikka announced on 10th of March, in writing, that Helsinki Zen Center's practitioners are preparing a lawsuit against the writers of this blog. The aim of these threats of a lawsuit is to pressurize the writers into deleting their writings in this blog.

The writers of this blog consider this kind of pressurizing as unnecessary and want to stress that the point of this blog is only to provide an alternative viewpoint on Helsinki Zen Center and on its representatives to the social discussion.

The writers of this blog consider the strong polarization created by Helsinki Zen Center as arbitrary and kindly remind that the preparation of a group lawsuit by Helsinki Zen Center's practitioners unnecessarily polarizes the discussion with unfounded threats.


Hello Uku,

In this kind of mediation situation it is worthwhile to consider, what are the interests of different parties and try to find a solution, that is beneficial to all.

Because of the nature of, associating to it is not beneficial to instances who wish to present themselves in publicity as constructing and good-creating. This includes all parties:  Zen Center, Sami as a therapist, blog keeper Uku as a writer and a trainer and the people recognizably mentioned in the blog. People avoid conflicts regardless of who is “right”. Publicity is also uncontrollable and cruel.

There is a risk, that now that your book is about to be published, the media gets interested in the blog and starts to investigate  it as not only as a story of Zen Center but also as an act of the blog organizers. This would be trying and harmful for all parties. This can happen next week or any time after that.

To prepare for the above mentioned risk of publicity, a group of Zen Center practitioners are preparing to file a group lawsuit against the organizers of the blog, the probable charges to be filed are offending personal privacy, libel and hate crime. This action is aimed at considerably reducing the risk by deleting  the blog from the publicity, and also to prepare for situations where Zen Center is contacted for example by the media.

I hope this clarified what is Zen Center´s interest in the matter and why the group lawsuit filers demand the deleting of the blog.

The deleting of the blog from the publicity would make the filing of the lawsuit unnecessary. To file a group lawsuit means also a lot of work. We wish we would not have to go that far.


Ari Tikka

Helsinki Zen Center

 * *

The official statement of Helsinki Zen Center

HZC is not preparing a judicial act and there are no group of individuals in the association who would be planning to do this. Because of the violations of privacy in the blog some of our members had considered of filing a report. Ari´s letter was written recklessly, and was not withstanding with our chosen policy.

On the behalf of Board of Trustees of HZC and on the behalf of persons in charge,

Esa Kytölä, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of HZC

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  1. Not sure if serious...? o.O

  2. Somehow this reminds me of Scientology. Say anything negative of us and we'll... :)

  3. Helsinki zen group needs to chill out! You guys really seem to get under their skin :-)

  4. Nobody's preparing any lawsuits, as stated in HZC's official response above (only in Finnish).

    Due to violations of privacy in this blog, some HZC members had discussed the possibility of legal action, which led to a misunderstanding on part of Ari.

    1. "which led to a misunderstanding on part of Ari"

      Do you honestly believe that people actually believe that kind of bullshit? Why to "correct" lies with another lie? Does zazen make you practitioners completely incapable of honesty? Or is it the religion?